Ladies and Gentlemen, State Your Goals!

I was going to save this for New Year’s Day, but people are already making their Resolutions kind of posts, so it seemed like I could go ahead and make this post.  It is less than a week until Round 1 begins.  Do you know what your goal is?

A reminder about how this should work.

  • Your goal, whatever it is, should be MEASURABLEI will write 500 words a day.  I will sit down, butt in chair, hands on keyboard, for 30 minutes a day.
  • Your goal should be broken down into chunks. There’s nothing wrong with saying, during this challenge I want to write 50k words, but it’s good to establish a daily or weekly goal that’s easy to report on and follow.  So if you wanted to write that 50k, your daily goal would be 625 words a day.  Also, psychologically, it’s a lot more reinforcing to see yourself meet smaller, more manageable goals.
  • You should make a post on your blog clearly stating your goals and linking to it in the Linky Tool list at the bottom of this post. If you already did that and linked to the original sign up post, just link to the same post in this new Linky.  Feel free to copy the linky code and use it on your post so people can hop from one participant blog to another.

That’s it.  It’s all simple and straight forward.  If you’re starting a new project, maybe you should be doing some prep work thinking about your new plot and new characters.  If you’re already working on something, you could go ahead and start trying out your goal to see if it’s going to work for you, in case you need to tweak something.  But above all, have a safe and happy New Year and be ready at the starting line on Monday!

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