Clarification About Goals And Check Ins

As I’ve noticed a few people posting their goals in the comment threads for assorted posts and missing the linky tool, I wanted to clarify how all of this works, as I think a few people landed on the About page and maybe missed a few things. 

You will post your goals and check-ins on your own blog then post the direct link to that post (not to your main blog, to the specific post) on the Linky Tool provided on the relevant date. You can snag the html code from the Linky Page and post it on your own blog.  We’ll all be able to access the same list using that code, like a blog hop.

If you don’t have a blog, you can start one for free on WordPress or Blogger or any number of other places. If you like you can link to updates on your Facebook or Myspace or wherever.

We do not and will not have a Facebook page for the challenge as everything is centered here. Having pages in multiple places would be far too chaotic.  The idea is to keep things simple and centralized.  You make your post on your own site, then link to it here.  Easy.

The Twitter hashtag is #ROW80. Feel free to chat with other participants there to support, gripe, and prod.

The Linky Tool is below (same one I had on the last post).

Click here to enter your goal and view this list of other ROW80 participants.

6 thoughts on “Clarification About Goals And Check Ins

  1. The html code from the Linky Page is something new for me. I had no idea I could add this to my blog post. Thanks for the clarification. Other than that, I think I’ve done everything as stated.

    1. I’m confused… I copied and pasted the code into my goal post (ha! football funny!) and it disappears. Can you tell me which exact code you used, and exactly where you put it? I’m only a little bit computer literate…a much better end-user than anything else.

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