The Three Stages of Writing by Lauralynn Elliott

When I used to be a leader for Weight Watchers, they always had words of wisdom about setting goals, and how they should be measurable, attainable, etc. just like Kait has said in her posts. But there was one other lesson that always stuck with me. It told how there were three stages of weight loss kind of like there are three stages of marriage. And as I’m thinking about the writing that’s happening right now with ROW80, I see how this can also apply here. Here are the stages as I remember them.

Stage One: The Honeymoon – This is when we first think about starting a new novel or working on something fresh. We’re excited and can’t stop talking about what we’re doing. We work diligently, putting all these ideas on the page, and we are unstoppable. Our mood is good and we love our story so much!

Stage Two: The Thrill is Gone – It’s like coming down from the mountain and heading for the valley. We’re getting bored, the characters aren’t talking to us, and it’s a chore to make ourselves sit down and write. Why did we even start this in the first place? Stage Three: Renewing the Commitment – We think back to that “honeymoon” when everything was fresh and new, and we try to remember how that felt. We think about how much we loved that story that was going through our heads and how much we wanted to write it. And we know the end result is going to be worth all the work we put into it, so we recommit to getting this done and enjoying the journey.

See how that all can be true for marriage, weight loss, and writing? The reason I wanted to say all this is because some people could get discouraged in stage two. But don’t let that happen to you! We usually can’t stay in the honeymoon stage of anything, so be prepared for our feelings to change over time. Remember stage three and realize that our goal is to take small steps toward putting out a great piece of work, whether it be a novel, novella, or whatever you’re working on. And when you see that beautiful thing that you made finished, the feeling of accomplishment will be greater than the excitement you felt at the beginning. Remember, your sponsors are always there for you if you need encouragement or a kick in the rear. So let’s keep doing this until we’re done. And then we can celebrate!


Lauralynn Elliott

2 thoughts on “The Three Stages of Writing by Lauralynn Elliott

  1. Awesome post! I’m getting myself into Stage 3 mode RIGHT NOW. Enough of this Stage 2 nonsense.

  2. These stages are so true. I see how you even go through them with spouses, kids, and other hobbies. I think I’m heading into stage 3 with my current writing project…now how do I “fall in love” again with doing the dishes? 🙂

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