2-9 Check-In

Did you know that they say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit?  Well we’re in Week 6.  Have you established some new habits, new writing priorities?  Let us know how this goal-setting thing is working for you.

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4 thoughts on “2-9 Check-In

  1. Sometimes I think the habit I’m developing isn’t a good one, as I’m skipping a lot of days lately. But at least I’m spending some time writing, which was more than I was doing before!

  2. I have been skipping days and starting other works. Even becoming a bit more random. But the down time has helped me realize I do not need to rip “Wish Away” apart or even to start over. That was a big relief in its self. Just because of the energy I spent on getting those first 15 k words done for that NaNo Wri Project. A project I never finished. Now I feel confident, where I will be able to pick the story line back up and recontinue writing that piece.
    Thank you for creating ROW80. I think I would have junked the whole story line in desperation.

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