4-6 Check-In

It’s our first official check in.  I know it’s early and you might not have a lot to report.  That’s okay though.  Just let us know how you’re doing.  And if you’re joining us late, that’s okay too.  Welcome to the party.  Just write up your goals in a blog post and link to it in the linky below.

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Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list of other ROW80 participants…  Go stop by and leave some encouragement to your fellow ROWers.



    1. It is technically up to you whether you want to post snippets of your work, but we’re really only talking about progress and how you did working toward your goal.

  1. *waves* I’m actually incorporating my check-in’s with my weekly Monday blog post. I know, I’m not playing fair, I just try to diminish the number of blogs that go up that are all about meeeee.

  2. Ok, I know I’ve started my evening glass of wine, but why am I not seeing the ‘get the code here’ link?…(shucks, my whole post gets wrapped up on me trying not to make an @$$ of myself….and without the code, er, um, well, hello! Shari-the-cyber-@$$ strikes again! see fellow ROW-80-ers my gimpy foot…!) Ok, um, yeah. If anyone can pass me the code, I’ll be ever so much more cheerful and polite. And not so stompy. Pinky swear.
    Pretty please?

  3. LOL – D@mn you Occam!!! (she sings ‘one of these things is not like the other….) Thank you Kait, the light of morning and your calm, common sense explanation – it all makes perfect sense now. 🙂 I entirely missed the missing phrase ‘this is a blog hop’. Off I go. Think I’ll just check off the ‘make-an-@ss-of-myself-first-thing-in-the-a.m. box on my list, and be on my merry way 🙂

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