Make the Deadline Real

For the first round of ROW80 I had a big goal; to be a more organized writer.  I broke that goal up into smaller pieces starting with getting on a regular writing schedule.  Things didn’t go exactly as I planned.  I wrote more than I ever had, but there was a distinct lack of focus and I feel it was because I didn’t have a deadline.

Make The Deadline Real by Andrew Mocete

Most of us have day jobs and if we don’t, still have responsibilities that are time sensitive. If you think about what you’ve managed to get done when on a deadline, it seems like you have superpowers. If focus is a superpower, then I’d agree.

I’m going to assume we’re all on board with a deadline being essential for success. Many of us have done NaNoWriMo and the thirty day deadline is the principle foundation. But how do you create a deadline where one doesn’t exist?

When you’re writing your first book, no matter which way you plan to publish, you can take the rest of your life to finish it. You can say you want it done by a certain time, but in the back of your mind, it doesn’t really have to be done by then. If something more important comes up, it gets pushed back. And I mean what SEEMS important. Certainly, things in life come up that demand attention, but really, how often is that? Most of the time I think we’re procrastinating. Again, how do we create a deadline?

Well, I’m not really sure.

At least when it comes to you because I don’t know the intricacies of your life. I will tell you what I’ve done and hopefully that helps you come up with your own deadline plan.

Recently, my wife has taken up more of the household responsibilities in order to give me extra time to write and manage my social media.  In addition, because she’s a graphic artist, wants to help me design my cover. This is a big deal to me because she’s the member of the family who takes care of everything. Me, her parents and the grandparents. It’s a lot to do and she does it because she loves us, but it doesn’t leave her much free time.  In that context, you can see why what she’s doing for me is such a big deal.  If I procrastinate, I’m not only wasting my time, I’m wasting hers.

Whoa, things just got really real.

Setting a realistic goal is the first step. Defining when that goal is to be fulfilled is the next step and just as important. Make it real and then stick to it.

I’d love to hear what deadlines you’ve created and if this post helped you think of one, please, share it in the comments.


Andrew Mocete


7 thoughts on “Make the Deadline Real

  1. I can relate to Andrew’s post – I lost my job in 2010, and my spousal equivalent agreed to let me stay home and pursue my lifelong dream of writing. If I don’t meet my goals, I’m letting him down when he has been so gracious to allow me to do this. I set extremely high goals for Row80 because I want to finish my first WIP, edit, query, and start my second WIP before the end of the challenge. I want to do this as much for him as I do myself. So far, Row80 has encouraged me, and I have already written 18,350 words pushing me to almost the 60K mark. Thank you, Row 80!

  2. I have sort of an opposite situation. My husband has always done the majority of the household chores. Now, suddenly, he’s working 72 hours a week, so I’m having to take up some slack. So, basically, the house looks like crap until the weekend.

    It’s really great that your wife is doing that for you. It just shows how valuable she realizes your writing is.

  3. @Tiffany- Thanks for sharing that. I totally get your 20k word goal now. It’s a great motivator when someone takes on more responsibilities just for you.

    @Kathy- Thanks, I hope it helps with your goals.

    @She’s that type of gal, Lauralynn. She nurtures and encourages because it genuinely makes her happy to do. I want to make her proud.

  4. We all fill up our time with what we choose. I am single mom and work full time but write every day and schedule the time. My children are supportive of my goal and understand they have homework and jobs of their own. We need to give back to those around us in kind words and physical hugs. Our time on earth is so short. I plan out goals for a variety of areas: health, spiritual, financial, creative and so forth. Write a 5 year plan. Break it down to a one month plan. Then walk the routine. Do it with courage and a smile. Soon we will all be spiking our next book on a table. I look forward to the resonating sound.

  5. You make a great point – it’s important to have a goal but it’s even better to have something to hold you accountable. That’s great that your wife is helping around the house. My husband is helping out as well as I forge through my first draft. 🙂

  6. @Caroline- Wow, that’s amazing. I could learn something from you.

    @Ghenet- It makes the process just a little nicer when someone understands how important it is, right?

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