When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

One of the best things about ROW80 is that it allows for life…REAL life. Wouldn’t it be great if life always went exactly the way you planned and nothing bad or unexpected ever happened? But that’s not the reality we live in. Life does happen and sometimes things come at you HARD.

This year several things happened to me. My mom had a heart attack with other complications stemming from it. The county I live in was devastated by a series of five tornadoes. And, not long ago, I lost my best friend. Life threw me curve balls, change ups, and some really fast balls. The question was, though, was I going to strike out or hit it out of the park?

How about you? What has life thrown you? I’ve read a lot of your blogs and there have been several instances where the authors had some really tough times. Sometimes it’s something tragic, sometimes it’s just something frustrating. But all of the things that happen to us can cause us to make up excuses not to write. We can get so tangled up in all of life’s problems that writing gets put on the back burner. And the next thing we know, the round of ROW80 is over and our project is abandoned.

So what can we do to get back in the game? I think one of the most important things we can do is turn to our fellow players. You know, those other authors doing ROW80. This has become quite a close knit little community, and I couldn’t believe the outpouring of thoughts and prayers when my friend died. All these people are here to support you when you need it. When you’re feeling like you’ve been benched and can’t get out of the dugout, talk to us. I’ve noticed that some authors will skip their check ins when they feel they haven’t done well. That’s the time you need to check in the most! Go ahead and do your Sunday and Wednesday posts, and let us all know how you’re feeling. I guarantee you’ll get the support you need. And if you pop over to my post for that day, let me know how you’re feeling right there on my blog. The next thing you know, you’ll feel more energized and you can swing that bat and hit a home run.

But what if, no matter how hard you tried, you didn’t make your goals for that round of ROW80? Just remember, a team never wins all the games. The important thing is that you play the best you can and give it your all. Like I said in the first paragraph…ROW80 allows for real life. And there’s going to be another round of ROW80 just like there will be other games. So don’t quit the team! Let’s all work together to win some games!


Lauralynn Elliott



  1. Good post. And true.

    I’ve been hitting a big fail with ROW80, the site, and writing. Life’s very difficult right now and I expect we’ll be giving up the internet connection (among other things) for a while. It’s hard to get myself into a mindset of doing anything with the writing on all levels. It stops me from getting involved in things that I won’t be able to follow through with or on.

    That said, once life gets calmer, I’ll be back. (yeah, that was totally in Terminator’s voice.)

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