Final Round 2 Check-In

The end is nigh!  Nay, ’tis here!  Today marks the close of Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days.  We began this round with 105 participants.  How many finished?  If you are one of the intrepid few, reach over and pat yourself on the back.  Even if you didn’t meet the goals you set, you’re still here, which is important.  It means you’re still trying.  And that’s important for all of us to remember.  This race is never really over.  If you’re really going to be a writer, there will always be another book, another project.  There will always be life to interrupt us.  And if I have my way, there will always be ROW80 to help us through it.

I hope you’ve learned something about yourself and your habits during this round.  I get so much fantastic email and tweets from people who’ve discovered our little challenge and love how it fits into their life.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to hear that people like what I’ve set up.  I feel like we’ve got a good thing going here, and I hope you’ll come back to join us for ROUND 3, starting JULY 4th (and running to September 22).  Tell your writer friends!

I’m taking volunteers for sponsors for Round 3.  As mentioned before, being a sponsor means you provide me with one inspirational post, a brief bio and pic and all relevant links (see any of our current sponsor pages for examples), and a vow to swing by and visit the members of your team once a week to leave a cheer on comment.  If you’re interested, email me at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

I see lots of active peeps on our twitter hashtag #ROW80.  But maybe y’all would rather have a forum?  It’s something to consider.  I’m trying to pick the best means of growing our community without creating something that will be a huge time suck.  If you’ve got any awesome ideas you’d like me to consider incorporating into future Rounds, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.

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  1. Thank you for creating this challenge, Kait! This was my first time participating and it was awesome. I’m going to take a break but will join again during round 4. 🙂

  2. No fab ideas for you – just gratitude. This has been a game-changer for me and I am grateful 🙂 Will hang in there for round 3 – never know what I’ll accomplish ;- ) So, THANKS!

  3. ROW80 has been awesome in making me get some writing done 😀

    I reckon a forum or something would be pretty cool, as long as it didn’t take up too much of your writing time (I don’t know how much work goes into setting up/moderating etc forums). Also, though I’d enjoy a forum, I don’t know how many other ROW80ers would use it. Still, if it ever is implemented, it will be cool. Then again, a forum could run the risk of giving us something to procrastinate with instead of writing. I guess most writers would be able to balance their time though hehe

  4. I think I’d enjoy a forum, too, although Rebecca has made several good points. I’d hate to see it take time away from your writing, and it would be another glittery, shiny thing that my magpie mind would just love to peek at of a morning.

    It has the positive side of creating a common space that doesn’t move as quickly as the Twitter #ROW80, and allows more than 140 characters–hmm, is that a positive or a negative?

    As a relative newbie, I have no fabulous ideas, but I like the suggestion made in an earlier inspirational post to have the participants visit each others’ blogs; I find that it has helped me when I’ve been stuck, tired, or just blah, to read what some of the participants are doing.

    Thank you for creating ROW80; I’m looking forward to Round 3.

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