Round 3: Ready, Set, WRITE!

Usually I kick try to kick off each round of ROW80 with a rousing inspirational post to get your creative juices flowing.  I also usually try to get my post up on TIME and we all see how well that worked out.  In truth, I am surrounded by boxes, trying to pack to move in a month, and I’m scrambling to still get any kind of words written myself.

It’s that whole life thing I talk about when it comes to ROW80.

One of the things I hope you will take away from this challenge is a sense that you can always make SOME KIND OF PROGRESS, no matter what kind of craziness you have going on.  Below is the linky where you will link to your GOALS post.  Declare to the world what you want to accomplish during this Round.   Make sure that you set a goal that can be MEASURED.  Words or pages per day.  Time spent per day or week with your butt in chair, hands on keyboard.  Pages revised.  Whatever your goal, you need to be able to definitively say I did this or I didn’t.  And if you didn’t, feel free to CHANGE YOUR GOAL.  The point of ROW80 is not to have some kind of one-size fits all goal, but for you to learn to adapt to your circumstances, to continue to make writing a priority in your life, no matter what.

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17 thoughts on “Round 3: Ready, Set, WRITE!

  1. Oh my, I do hate to pack, even after moving 5 times in the past 10 years! You have my complete sympathy; also, you’ve created a lovely community for sympathetic ears, I’m sure!

  2. This isn’t exactly about the goals, but I was trying to comment on a livejournal post from one of the ROW 80 folks, but I couldn’t figure out the whole signing into my Google profile account. I was logged into Google already because of Blogger, so why wasn’t it taking that as my Google ID? That’s what makes sense to me. I have 2 other Google emails, so I don’t know how the profile comes into it when they are all me. I’m afraid of messing something up. Guessing gets me into trouble like when I wiped all my files on my old laptop by trying to use Migration Assistant to move them over to my new one. Fortunately I’d backed up all my writing files and only lost my iTunes library.

  3. I feel your pain with the moving! We decided to move out of our house in December and moved partially then and then moved the rest of the stuff from the house in April. 6 years of stuff and 3000+ books…ugh, what a move! Hopefully, yours is far less painful, although most moves always come with some kind of pain…mostly in the butt, if you get my meaning! 😉

    Wow,there are tons of people signed up this round! How exciting! Thanks again for hosting such a great writing challenge. 🙂

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