7/6 Check-In

It’s our first official check-in of Round 3!  I know, we’ve only been going a couple of days.  You may not have a lot to check-in ABOUT.  That’s totally okay, it’s just how we roll.  For you newbs, we have check-ins on Wednesdays and Sundays.  You aren’t required to check in at both, but I encourage you to, just so that you can receive the awesome support of the ROW80 community as you tackle your goals.  Neither does your check in post have to go UP on Wednesday or Sunday.  If there’s another day in your blog posting schedule, that’s fine.  Just remember to come by here and add your link to the Linky.

If you’re just hearing about us, feel free to write up a goals post and add it to the linky list.  Jump on in!  We welcome all comers, late or not.

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Click here to enter the link to your check-in post and view this Linky Tools list of other ROW80 participants.  Then go stop by someone’s blog and say HI!

8 thoughts on “7/6 Check-In

  1. Hey everyone! Excited to get going this round. Looking forward to all your progress (and being motivated by it!) 🙂

  2. Sorry I’m a day late, this is my first ROW80. I’m on schedule writing two poems a day. I’ll be posting my favorite from each week on Friday and I’ll post my linky on Sunday if that’s okay.

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