47 thoughts on “Round 4 Sign Up

  1. Help, apparently something went wrong with my linky — it’s got a typo in it and doesn’t go anywhere. (I’m number 34.) Is there any way we can fix it or delete it so I can enter again?

  2. I would like to join as well. I haven’t had the time for my writing and it made me sad and antsy, I can’t wait to get some work done on some of my stories.

  3. I am writing my goal list now! I am so happy to start this thing from the beginning.. I see a lot of familiar faces… and new ones, too.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone share on their progress.

    Also… am happy to have a place to keep me accountable. Let’s Rock the Row!


  4. I’m late joining in on this challenge, but it sounds like fun. Please be gentle, it’s my first time and I’m a bum when it comes to challenges (which actually probably means that you SHOULD light the fire under my bum).

  5. I’ve never done a writing challenge and my life is full of chaos. Do I have a chance in Hades of actually doing this while spinning all these plates? Well, that’s what this challenge seems designed to allow for, so I’m in.

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