October 9th Check-In

Have you recovered from the Twitter Party yet?  Hope you have and that you’re settling into a routine.  Let us know how your first week with ROW80 went, and when you’re finished, stop by and leave some encouragement for a few fellow ROWers.

Aaaaand ROW80 now has a group on Facebook courtesy of the lovely Sharon Howard.  If you’re into FB, hop over and join us.

Also, sponsor Kerry Meacham told me about something totally marvelous that he and other sponsor Gene Lempp did during Round 3.  They became ROWbros.  Accountability partners.  They held each other to their goals, and pulled no punches when helping each other get back on track when they veered off path or needed to adjust goals.  I think this is a FANTASTIC IDEA!  While I definitely think everyone should try to make the rounds and leave supportive comments when they can, having one particular pal to help you be accountable is, perhaps, even better.  It works with exercise.  You’re more likely to actually go to the gym if you know someone is expecting you.  Why shouldn’t it work with writing too?  Not for everyone, I understand, but I wanted to throw the option out there.  So I encourage you, if you’d like a ROWbro or ROWsista, to say so in your check-in post.  If you’re a Twitterholic, leave your handle next to it.  Facebook person, leave your link for that.  The goal here is to find somebody who matches up with your preferred form of social media communication.  And hey!  Don’t be shy!  ASK PEOPLE!  I’ll even make badges (gimme a day or two) so you can announce to the world who your ROWbro or ROWsista is.  We all know I love badges.

Check In Linky

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list of ROW80 participants.

I WANT A ROWbro or ROWsista Linky

Okay this one’s a little bit different from your regular linky.  I’ve lengthened the title entry to 140 characters, so you can write up a brief, tweet-style to include what you’re looking for.  “@kaitnolan seeking ROWbuddy on twitter w/ writing goals”  Or editing goals or whatever.  Mainly it seemed like a good way to insert whether your preference is twitter, facebook, email, or some other form of chat.   You may want to write up a more specific post if you want to find somebody in your genre, with similar word count goals, or a sprint buddy.  And if you’re limited on when you can be online, maybe also enter if you’re a morning person, afternoon person, or evening person.  You may find that you naturally hook up with somebody via twitter or whatever, but here’s a formalized list of peeps who are definitely looking.

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list of those seeking a ROWbuddy.

15 thoughts on “October 9th Check-In

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! 🙂 Hope people are finding the facebook group another helpful place to keep motivated with their goals! 😀

  2. KEWL, Kait. Gene and I had a great time as ROWbros last round, and we’re doing it again this round. I know some of the WANA711 ladies are now ROWsistas, so the more the merrier I always say. It is definitely worth the effort. Key to ROWbro/ROWsista success? COMPLETE AND TOTAL HONESTY. That doesn’t mean being a jerk. It means that you’ve taken on the task to help the other person, so don’t be afraid to tell them they need to “buck it up” if what they’re doing is not appropriate behavior. I hope anyone that finds a ROWsibling enjoys it as much as I have. ~clink~

  3. I love the idea of having a Row buddy. My crit partner and I do a good job of that, so I know how much it helps. It’s so great to have someone who gets it and can still kick you in the butt when you need it.

    Thanks for the chance to join Row80, it’s been great for me:)

  4. I can’t get it to link to my twitter profile. Keeps saying I need to enter a valid internet link, but i can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

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