When Life Hands You Bananas, Make Daiquiris by Cate Morgan

Life has a sneaky way of, er, sneaking up on a poor, defenseless writer.  Other times, life doesn’t  so much as hand you bananas as throw them at your head. This is why we have ROW80.

Fact is, the occasional unexpected, ballistic banana is what life is all about. Even if you don’t get hit initially, there’s always a chance you’ll slip on the peel when it lands. Sometimes it seems life gives you whole bunches of bananas, and there’s no help for it to grab the panic bar until you regain your equilibrium. But there are ways of getting life back. Banana daiquiris. Banana splits.  Banana bread. With chocolate chips.

Because the other fact is, life is short. Too short to let doubt—the politically correct term for fear—get  too much of a hold, lest it drag you back.

Too short to let people tell you can’t do it, or shouldn’t do it, or you’re crazy for even thinking it. Just tell yourself it’s the shock and awe talking.

It’s too short to write about  vampires, if you don’t want to write about vampires. It’s also too short to not write about vampires, even if you suspect vampires are passé. (As far as I’m concerned, one can never have too many vampires to choose from—but that’s just me.)

Life is too short to believe that Luke is the hero of the story, when all writers know Han is infinitely cooler. No Jedi would ever shoot first, or say “I know” when his princess confesses her love.

Life is too short to not indulge in sunlight and fresh air, music and laughter.  It’s also too short not to let yourself go and become unglued with silliness once in awhile. I do it all the time. (Nooooo . . .)

Life is too short not to enjoy the finer things in life. Like rum. And ice cream. And, of course, chocolate.

Life is too short to give up.

Never never NEVER give up.


Cate Morgan




  1. I agree. Life is too short not to do everything you can with it. Also, there can never be too many vampire stories. I haven’t got tired of them yet and I’ve been reading about them for well over ten years! Anyway, great blog post. I enjoyed it and found it inspiring 🙂

  2. SO true. And few things are better than banana bread with chocolate chips, so bring on the bananas!! Thanks for sharing this and the reminder to embrace life. 😉

  3. I love that. Life really does throw bananas at our heads. LOL. I like the idea of making them into daquiris. Or maybe pina coladas. Surely there’s room in a pina colada for a banana. 😀 I love that ROW80 lets us readjust our goals whenever we need to.

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