November 9th Check-In

Moving right along with Round 4 folks.  Have you been getting supportive comments on your check in posts?  If not, you might take a look at how you’re presenting your check in.  Just listing word or page count doesn’t give folks much to comment ON.  Give those posts a little personality!  Be yourself!  Talk about your challenges and your ass kicking.  Ask a question and give us something to relate to!

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  1. Might I add another suggestion? Make your link your actual check in. I’ve gone to comment on someone’s check in that was in the linky tool, and there was something there that had nothing to do with ROW80, and I couldn’t even figure out what it was about. And I know that sometimes, there was just a Twitter link instead of a blog link, and I wasn’t sure what to do with that. (Maybe I’m just ignorant on the Twitter thing???)

  2. I love the changes you’ve made to the blog! It’s been a couple of challenges since I last checked in! I’m late to this one, but I’ll be reading along and sending support to the participants. Keep writing, everyone!

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