Rockin’ The ROW Winner!

So you may recall that at the beginning of Round 4 we kicked off with the fabulous Rock the ROW twitter party.  There was, in fact, a photo competition for which the prizes were ebook copies of the following:

Kait Nolan’s Red, Susan Bischoff’s Hush Money and Heroes Til Curfew, Lauralynn Elliott’s Dark Relic: Vampire’s Curse, Claudia Lefeve’s Parallel, Cate Morgan’s Brighid’s Cross, Stacey Wallace Benefiel’s The Toilet Business, and Vicki Keire’s Gifts of the Blood and Darkness in the Blood.


I kinda totally forgot to post the winners.


Sorry, y’all!  It got busy!  Thanks, Jenny, for reminding me.  But anyway, without further ado, here are the poll results where you, fabulous ROWers voted on your favorite Rockin The ROW photos.

First place by a landslide is Natalie Hardford and her guitar.

Second is Barbara McDowell planking (my personal favorite).

Third is a tie between Lena Corazon and Tia Bach (and also technically Barbara again but since she won second we’re gonna strike her from the three way tie).

So here’s how this is gonna work.  We have 7 prizes (okay yeah there are 9 books but Hush Money and Heroes Til Curfew go together, as do Gifts of the Blood and Darkness In the Blood, so we’re gonna count those as sets).  First place winner gets to pick 3.  Second picks 2 from what’s left.  And the third place winners each get 1.

Winners, dash me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll start getting prizes sorted out.  Authors donating prizes, dash me an email with the relevant coupon codes for your book.

Thanks everybody for Rockin’ the ROW and making Round 4 such a superb success!

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