34 thoughts on “Sign Up For Round 1 of 2012!

  1. Hi, I’m Jayrod. I discovered this as I was finishing up NaNoWriMo looking for another community to be writing in. I figured this would help keep me honest about my goals and force me to actually use my blog too. Hopefully this year will be a great one that will bear much fruit in writing that is. 🙂
    My goal for this ROW80 is to complete the second draft of the story that I wrote during NaNoWriMo: Crimes of the Umbramancer. I think that if I can accomplish at least about 12 to 15 thousand words a week I should be able to reach that goal. Looking forward to the first check in! Peace!

  2. Okay, I’m a long-time internet user, and I’m completely confused by this. I’ve already signed up, and I’ve posted my initial January 2012 goals list on my blog. Now… *where* do I link back to row80? On my blogpost? And to where do I link back? That page with everyone’s blog links?

    Yes, I read the faq, but I’m still confused by the Linky thing (and it doesn’t help that the javascript evidently doesn’t work with wordpress accounts.


    1. You post the direct link to your post on the linky, which you reach via the “click here” link on the post. The goals post link does not go up until the round begins on January 2nd.

  3. Looking forward to the next 80 days. I’m completely new to blogging and had to start one before I joined. Not sure if I understood everything correctly but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon

  4. for some reason I didn’t see this post until today, although I was checking the blog for updates regularly. Oh well, it’s the 2nd so I should probably go straight away to the first day check-in, then…

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