17 thoughts on “Sign Up For Round 2!

  1. Just found out about this. Sounds like quite an idea, so I do believe I will be joining in for this next round, as well.

  2. Just curious as to why the Linky Tools now requires an email address? Was there a lot of abuse before? I couldn’t find a privacy policy or Terms of Service for Linky Tools, and I get enough spam already (don’t we all!), so I entered a fake email – and I wanted you to know why. As always, thanks for hosting this!

    1. That was my choice as the creator. I have no intention of using the email unless I see abuse, but we had several spammy links last round. Linky Tools isn’t doing anything with it.

  3. I’m in for Round 2 🙂 Last round was crazy but thanks to steady weekly goals everything was accomplished with some awesome results. Thank you all for the comments and encouragement in Round1 🙂

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