8 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In

  1. Help! I tried to enter my linky at midnight since I was still up, found out it was midnight Central time. So I waited, but still couldn’t. I’m assuming you don’t stay up every Saturday and Tuesday, Kait, so you must have it automated. When does the new check-in linky become live?

    1. It’s supposed to go live midnight central time. The guy who runs the linky tools site has made some “upgrades” related to timezones that haven’t worked right and have gotten the AM and PM confused. He thought he had it fixed. I’ll go let him know he doesn’t.

      1. They are always set to open at midnight central. Eventually I presume he will get the system fixed. I have no idea when it’s opening, so there is no other plan.

  2. My kids. My kids! My daughter will be home from college on May 20, the same day I have a couchsurfer coming in for a couple days. She will only be here for ten days before she is off for her Summer internship, so I am bearing myself for minimum time with my eldest. The younger both have Summer Activities – Emma, gone in the morning, Samuel, gone in the afternoon, Mommy… doing a lot of schlepping in between. Thankfully I have friends who will help. I want to travel at least a bit this Summer, but still don’t know where or when. Thank God for spontaneity!

  3. I have ’em – but, since they’ve never gone to school, life will just roll on with all the chaos, cuddles, chaos, calm, chaos, discoveries, chaos, travel, chaos, love, chaos, reaching new heights, chaos, joy, chaos, wonder, chaos, and chaos it always has. Rounds of activity and rest, times when I can write only in bursts, times i need to drop everything to take a picture of smooth a rough moment or just be with someone who needs all of me, just then….

    It’s life. It comes first.

    That said, a really cool thing about kids who have never sat in classrooms waiting for someone to tell them what to so have very little trouble figuring out what to do with themselves. Granted, their choices often veer far from tidy or quiet, but I veer far from being their Entertainment Director.

    We tend to orbit each other, sometimes intersecting in different combinations, and at others spinning off on our own again.

    For me, life and writing are about the subtle harmonies of those multiple interwoven orbits….and moving with them – and about having a wide variety of projects to work on, so there is always something waiting for me when I get a chance to be at the computer…

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