Wednesday Check-In and #ROW80 Best Posting Practices

I know, I know, we’ve only been going for TWO DAYS.  CHECK IN ANYWAY.  Just so your compatriots can come by and say “Hi.” 😀

And as I haven’t made one of these posts in a while, I thought I’d talk a bit about check-in posts.  There’s no one right way to do them.  For people who already have active blogs, you might have a regular post that goes up on that check-in day.  It’s your choice whether to include your check in info at the beginning or end of that post or if you want to write up a separate quickie check in post.  Although, please don’t link any posts to the check in linky that are NOT a check in.

This is a writing challenge, yes, but as our tagline goes, we know you have a life.  If you have other stuff you want to set goals for and update about (like fitness and health–I know I do), go for it.  It gives you something else to talk about when you otherwise only have “I wrote x words this week” to say or if you missed your goal for the week and don’t want to wallow in self-recrimination.  Some folks will be interested in these other non-writing goals and some won’t.  I recommend you set those posts up with bulleted lists or headers to indicate what section of the post covers what.  That makes it easy for the writing-centric folks to zero in on what’s most interesting to them.  Same goes if you happen to be posting updates for other challenges.  During Round 4, we always have dual folks who are also doing NaNoWriMo, and I myself participate in WIP500.  In general, I find that I don’t talk about anything different across challenges (my goals are the same), but some people might.  So again, throw in a little subheader for different stuff, if it makes sense.

If you’re not already an active blogger and just use one for this challenge, again, it’s totally up to you how you set things up for your check-in posts.  But as we all like cheerleading feedback (part of that whole community thing we’re going for here at ROW80), consider your audience and try to be a little more loquacious than a list of goals and a yes I met it or no I didn’t.  You’re writers.  Use your words!  Let your personality show!  Have fun with it!  And remember, the best way to get comments and feedback is to give some in return.  So pop in on some fellow ROWers on their check-in posts, come hang out at the hashtag on Twitter (#ROW80) [that’s where I’ll be], or check out our group on Facebook (you know, if you’re not me and don’t think Facebook is the devil incarnate).

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