Sunday Check-In

We’re finishing up our first week of Round 4.  Are you off and running?  Do you need a little ootz to pick up the pace and get in the groove?  We’re here to help!  Let us know how you’re doing in your check-in post.

And speaking of check-in posts, if you’re still stalling out a bit on what the heck to say (nobody wants to just put up a line or two), here are some handy dandy suggestions from past sponsor Cate Russell-Cole about how you can jazz things up.  I particularly love number 2. “Quickly share a lesson, blog post link or a quote that has inspired you in your writing that week. As well as the sponsors, I know there are other participants who like to visit others’ progress reports and leave some love. It would be great to give them back something small for their visit,”  and number 7 “I love it when people share plot and character issues they are trying to work through. They make me really think and get me enthused about the whole business of writing! In that situation, what would I do?”

I’m also loving what I noticed past sponsor Jess Witkins is doing this round, highlighting her ROW80 Rolemodels and talking about what she’s learned from them.   Because this is one of the other big things I hope folks get out of the community we’ve established at ROW80.  We all have different methods of approaching things, try different goals (with varying levels of success), and it is my hope that by visiting other folks that we’re not only spreading enthusiasm and support and cheerleading, but we’re also getting exposed to those new ideas and trying out some new things that might work well for us.


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12 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In

  1. Thank you for the mention Kait. By the way Jess, I love your idea. Having a “Muppets Do Bohemian Rhapsody” video on this check-in will undoubtably not qualify me as a role model. I just needed to smile… I’ll keep trying though.

  2. This is my 2nd round of ROW80. I was so anxious for it to begin, I sort of made my very own “Pre-season” and kept on going. I actually have come up with some goals and a kind of WIP-ish thing-a-ma-bob. Nothing like committing myself… sort of. I have enough material from my “Homeless Chronicles in Tampa” blog to self-publish a book on Amazon. I also have a couple of other abortive blogs that have some material I can pull from and add to the various sections. I’ve been reading and visiting more of my colleagues’ blogs from this “class” of ROW80 and have been trying to be more interactive.

    Admittedly, I’m not as organized as I could be. I have some health problems and they have flared up recently and mental problems, as well. Yay, well who doesn’t. I also have another group of bloggers, with dadblunders and Andi-Roo and Amberrisme, that I consider my blogging “family,” if that makes any sense, I also have a slightly different set of goals, that we have recently put into play there.

    But damn! I sure do love being here and I’m meeting more great people. Ryan King has been wonderful. Alberta Ross, Cate Russell-Cole, Kait Nolan, Jess Witkins, who is beyond awesome. You are all wonderful. If I left anyone out, I’m sorry. I’m so glad to be here and so glad that you all put up with my ravings. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Viola! Don’t forget to email your address so I can send you your copy of Visiting Tom! You saw you were a winner for the giveaway right?

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