A Round of Words in 80 Days: Welcome to “The One”

When I started A Round of Words in 80 Days 2 years ago, it was a purely selfish thing.  I wanted–needed a writing challenge that could work around my crazy life.  Because I operate REALLY well with the accountability.  The closest I’d come was 70 Days of Sweat, which had long been defunct.  So in typical “If you want something done right…” fashion, I created ROW80 myself and used my social media platform to launch it.  I had no idea whether it would last or fizzle.  I’ve started many other projects over the years (Crit Partner Match springs to mind) that didn’t make it due to lack of interest by other parties.

But here we are 2 years in and ROW80 has lasted.

Not only has it lasted, it has thrived.

Because I finally hit on something that really struck a chord in the writing community.  All the NaNo rejects and rebels, all the Fast Draft fearful, all the other writers out there who also agree with me that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to writing goals–they all (or a lot of them) flocked to ROW80 and embraced it–like the stranger the crazy uncle brings home from the airport in a holiday movie and turns out to be The One.  This challenge has turned out to be The One for a lot of writers out there.  And I can’t tell you how much that delights me.

You’ve helped me to build a community that fosters a healthy attitude toward writing and progress, a community that supports its members no matter what level of crazy is going on.  We are recasting people’s perceptions of success, re-calibrating people’s attitudes to look for the POSITIVE, the ACHIEVEMENTS instead of the perceived failures.  We’re making it OKAY to CHANGE YOUR GOALS with the changes in your life.  And all these things are setting the stage for unprecedented successes for all of us.

So happy holidays ROWers!  Thank you for making ROW80 a success.  And don’t forget to be back here January 7th for Round 1 of 2013!



  1. Kait, I’m grateful for many things this season, and ROW80 is near the top of the list. This past year has been marvelous for me, creatively, and it’s mostly due to you and everyone here. Thank you, thank you!

    May you have a healthy and happy holiday with your family and friends. (And, may you never get a great idea when you can’t write it down, as happened to me yesterday on the way home from a TSO concert! I was lucky – I remembered it. Usually I’m not that good.)

    Joyeaux Noel!!!!

  2. Kait, thank you so much for ROW80. It is the most positive influence in the ongoing experiment that is my writing career, and it has made me so much better a wordsmith for it. I know I am a total pain with my thousand questions and total confusion, but you have been grace personified. I’ve met so many wonderful people here and love this. My life is complete with ROW80. Thank you, Kait. Mary

  3. I had life hit me hard the last few months of this year, but I’m ready for a new life in 2013 and writing is going to be a major part of it. Thank goodness for ROW80! Thank you, Kait! Wishing you happy holidays!!!

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