Fix Your Focus

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It is a True Thing during all rounds of ROW80–but most especially as Round 1 comes to an end, that people have a tendency to wail and bemoan all that they didn’t get done this Round.  This is very often because they give in to the New Years Resolution fever and end up setting unrealistic goals.  Or they end up having Life Stuff that they didn’t anticipate (God knows, I’m guilty of that one).  It is a symptom of the misappropriated focus of our society that all we see is the negative.  The missing.  The things that didn’t happen.  The perpetual Glass Half Empty.  Which, frankly, is a depressing state of affairs.

It’s a bad habit, y’all.  It sets you up to feel constantly BEHIND, constantly like a failure.  I bet when you lay down at night, the last thing you think about are the things you didn’t get to that day.  And after you’ve had coffee, you stare at that list of stuff you need to do that just grows ever larger, until your brain just gets PARALYZED by the sheer scope of it all.  Or maybe that’s just me.

But the fact remains that unless you bailed at the very start YOU ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING.  Whatever words you wrote, whatever pages you edited.  They aren’t nothing.  And it does you a disservice to ignore them and focus on the vacuum of unfulfilled goals.  And maybe you met or exceeded your goals this time.  If so, GREAT.  But I guarantee you’ve done this to yourself at SOME point or other.

And as we are NOT about failure here at A Round of Words in 80 Days, I am issuing you a challenge!

I’m challenging you to change your outlook.  Become, at least when dealing with your writing, someone who looks at the glass half full.  At the end of each day, give yourself a pat on the back for what you DID do, even if it was just picking a new character name or plotting the next scene.  Set yourself up for the positive, reinforce yourself for DOING.  I promise it’ll make it easier to condition yourself to work better, harder, faster.

So keep that in mind as you jet toward the end of this round, and carry the habit forward into Round 2.

8 thoughts on “Fix Your Focus

  1. This is a very positive post, Kait. So many authors get in their heads they failed if they didn’t do exactly what they expected to do. I don’t like the word “fail” and never have. I try not to use it when speaking of any aspect of my life. Thank you for reminding us to look at the glass as half-full. I think when we start the negative thinking, we accomplish even less.

  2. Thanks, Kait. Just what I needed to hear. I generally look at things as glass half-full, funny enough. I guess my Type-A perfectionist personality is kicking in!

  3. Perfect post for me to read, Kait, when my last check-in post was titled “Epic Failure…” I then went on to talk about what I had accomplished, and I’m trying to really focus on that.

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