#ROW80 Writers Mobilize! Time To Help One Of Our Own!

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled inspirational post (Elizabeth Mitchell’s words of wisdom have been rescheduled for May the 20th) because I need something from you.  The last time I did this was because my book Red got nominated for the DABWAHA Award in 2012 and I mobilized you all into a fun, heady campaign that got me past the first Round against Kendare Blake.  That was awesome.  And it showed me the power of this platform.

Now I’ve got something much more serious to talk about.  A way more important reason to mobilize.

If you have spent ANY time hanging out at #ROW80 then you’ve heard of Lauralynn Elliott.  She has been a sponsor just about every single round.  She’s one of the biggest #ROW80 cheerleaders and is absolutely fabulous about commenting and checking in on people.  And y’all, she needs our help.

Last week her husband was put in the hospital.  He’s got a massive blood clot in his lungs and another in his leg.  This is a hella dangerous condition to be in.  Lauralynn lost her best friend to the same thing a couple years ago.  In this case, it was caught, and he’s on blood thinners, but it takes time for these things to resolve.   Up to two weeks, according to the doctors.  And then there’s the recovery time after.  So Mr. Lauralynn can’t work right now and neither can Lauralynn herself.  And no work means no income.  In these difficult financial times, we all know that’s a really tough spot to be in.

But we can help!

I have a number of schemes in mind, so this will be developing over the course of the week.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Here’s what you can do (pick one or all–your choice!)

  1. First and foremost, if you are interested and able, go buy one (or more) of Lauralynn’s books.  That’s direct support of her as an author and will additionally help with her rankings on various and sundry sales platforms, which will increase her visibility.  They are available across all major ebook platforms, and several are available in paperback.
  2. Tell your friends.  If you aren’t able to purchase (and even if you are), take the time to tell your friends about her books.  Post a tweet or a FB status update.  Use those social media platforms to get the word out.  If you’ve got a friend who likes ghost stories, tell them about See Me.  Know a reader who love vamps?  Well Guardian Vampire is just for them.  This costs you nothing but a little bit of time and could make a big difference in her visibility.
  3. If you are a published author and you have an ebook or paperback you can donate to the cause, email me at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.  I’m working on putting together some prize packs for another scheme.  More details to come when I know what I’m working with.
  4. There is a Fundrazr campaign for direct donations.  People, there are over 6,000 of you on the #ROW80 mailing list.  If everybody donated just $1, ONE, we could help out tremendously with two months of living expenses.  This bad boy comes equipped with every social media button imaginable so GO make your donation, whatever you can afford, and tweet, Facebook, Pin, Google+, email, whatever everybody to GET THE WORD OUT.
  5. And above all, drop by Lauralynn’s blog and let her know that we’re thinking about her and she and her hubby are in our prayers and thoughts.  

22 thoughts on “#ROW80 Writers Mobilize! Time To Help One Of Our Own!

  1. My heart is so full right now, I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen a lot of love here in cyberspace. You are all so terrific, and I especially want to give big hugs to Kait for this. Hubby will be out of work for awhile, and things could get bad. But now, I see how generous people can really be. It amazes me how many friends one can have even if they haven’t met face to face. I am truly blessed and thankful.

  2. Heya, Kait, I can throw a paperback copy of one of my books your way, and as many copies as you need of all my books in e-book format. Let me know when & where.

  3. Thanks, Kait, for letting us know about this and suggesting what we could do to help out. I hope it all comes good soon for them both.

  4. Checked with the FFF (Family Finance Facilitator), and am authorized to donate, purchase, whatever. Taking care of ROW80 family as soon as the rest of the Burton family heads out the door.

    Lauralynn, having lived through a serious spousal hospitalization last year, and receiving much kindness and support, it feel right to pay some forward to you and yours! =)

  5. Reblogged this on Brighde's Bright Heart and commented:
    I don’t know these people personally, but reading of their situation made me want to help. We don’t have much to spare at the moment, but I was able to purchase a few of Lauralynn’s ebooks and make a small donation. I thought that there might be someone reading who’s interested and able to help also, which is why I’m sharing this here.

  6. I haven’t seen anything about this till today; I haven’t been frequenting Facebook for weeks and have missed a few weeks of updates too. So, I think, a feature on my blog and a few book purchased are in order! 🙂

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