Sunday #ROW80 Check-In

A week after we’ve launched and here’s the Fundrazr campaign update!  We’ve topped a whopping $1200 so far, which is fantastic, particularly considering all the much bigger happenings that have been taking over news and social media channels this week.  But here’s the shocker.  That $1200+ is from only TWENTY SIX PEOPLE.  26 y’all.  Remember what I said on Monday?  There are over 6,000 of you on this mailing list?  I’m just sayin’.  Now a whole bunch of you have gone out and bought Lauralynn’s books, which is fantastic.  Even more of you have tweeted about them, just as I asked, so thank you thank you.  Mr. Lauralynn is home from the hospital (WOO HOO!).  But he’ll still be out of work for at least a couple of months as he recovers so DON’T FORGET ABOUT US HERE.  I haven’t done as much as I intend yet because of the high profile tragedies this week, but more is coming.  There will be incentives and prize packs up for grabs for all those who donate.  The lowest possible donation is $1.  Just a $1 and you could get a shot at FREE BOOKS!   I swear I’m going to get that organized this week.  So that’s the update there.  Keep your eyeballs peeled.

In OTHER NEWS I hope you have all been making TIME for your WORDS (or pages, if you’re into editing right now).  Let us know in check ins.

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