Don’t Let Me Get Me By Sandy Taylor Fowke

I’m going to tell you a little story, that some of you may have already read on my blog.

I was writing the other day and playing with my plot in my mind when an idea popped into my mind and it was perfect.  It was a brilliant light-bulby puzzle piece that revealed the whole story like a roadmap (love those moments).

But right then I shut my laptop and moved off to wash up some cups in the sink.  It wasn’t till I’d cleaned cup number three that I realized what I’d done.  I had walked away from my laptop and my wonderful idea – before I’d written it down or anything.

A part of my mind had sabotaged me!

The moment I realized what had happened I rushed over to my pad and pen and jotted down the important details but I had to drag them out – it was like remembering a dream.

Now put your hands up who’s done this?  Who has been on the verge of really succeeding at something only to suddenly feel the need to do something else, just because?  Yeah you know who you are.

Well I decided that I wasn’t going to take it anymore and neither are you.  We are drawing a line in the sand between us and that nasty insecure little b*tch  – no not the one from high school!  I hear she got dumped by her hottie boyfriend and now she’s like a total crack addict… *ahem* No I’m talking about you – that inner part of you who is terrified of the change writing and finishing and seeing your dreams fulfilled will bring.

Every time that nasty little voice tells me that I’m no good or that it’s not worth doing I keep these close at hand.


·         Writing is an instrument.  I will practice every day and get better.

·         I write to express myself.

·         I write to share the things that I’m drawn to.

·         I write because I want to.

·         I can and will succeed as a writer because I will not quit!

·         I will write.  I will finish what I start.  I will keep writing.

·         Yes this story might take a month or six months to write – But that time is going to pass regardless.


Let me finish with some words from my other inner voice, my nicer but strangely more obsessional bookslut:

Write!  Finish the story!  Publish that story however you want.  Because I want to read it.



Sandy Taylor Fowke



  1. Wow, Sandy, that dovetails nicely with what I wrote yesterday. On my blog, (Fiendish Serendipity) I mean.

    My thoughts for my WIP have spiraled out of control, and now I have no idea where I’m going.

    Your post is perfect. It’s going in my keeper file right now!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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