Sunday Check-In

Two weeks in.  Are you finding that you need to adjust your goals?  Did you bite off more than you can chew?  That’s fine!  Write up a fresh goals post and link to it below.  Or maybe you find you can do more than you thought.  If that’s the case, push yourself to AMP IT UP.  And swing by to visit some of your compatriots to cheer them on!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In

  1. I’m finding it difficult to locate the rest of the ROW80 crew? Is there a link I’m missing with everyone who has signed up to participate?

    1. You post a new link to your specific check in on each check in day. It saves people from wasting time visiting a link to blogs of people who may have dropped out or may not update.

  2. Had some plotting overhaul issues that are looking brighter now. It was brainfartastic. It got to a point where I just bit and bit forgetting to chew, at all. In my check-in post I link to my epiphany post from Friday. I think getting my brain to rest and recharge this weekend has helped. Also, trying some low-tech drafting to see if the ideas flow more freely from pen to paper. 🙂

    Same goals, retweaked, definitely amped up, and new strategies to keep me chugging along.

    Happy writing!

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