Introducing The Forge: Affordable Book Finishing

We interrupt our regular post schedule for this announcement.  Yeah, it’s irregular, but since I’m the boss, I get to do stuff like this 😀

Logo MediumAs we are a community of writers, particularly a great many self published writers, we are in need of various services that traditional publishers usually provide.  To that end, I’m happy to introduce The Forge: Affordable Book Finishing.  The Forge is the brainchild of myself and former ROW80 sponsors Susan Bischoff and Lauralynn Elliott.  Between the three of us, we offer content editing, proofreading, and e-book formatting.  All of us are self-published authors with more than fifteen years of experience between us.  We know exactly what’s required to produce quality books and we’re familiar with the budgetary restrictions of most indie authors.  We’re priced accordingly, at a fraction of the cost you’d pay in the traditional sphere.  So if you or someone you know is looking for services, we hope you’ll remember The Forge.

3 thoughts on “Introducing The Forge: Affordable Book Finishing

  1. This is excellent and timely! I am strongly considering taking one of my stand-alone novellas from the shelf and self-pubbing it, mostly for my own experience of how it works. I have the resources for the first few rounds of editing, but that final proofreading check and putting the book into the various formats is something I’d love to outsource.

    Will you be posting a rate scale?

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