17 thoughts on “Round 2: State Your Goals and The Importance of Being Kind To Yourself

  1. Brava, Kait!

    When we’re kinder to ourselves, we’re happier.

    When we’re happier, we’re kinder to others.

    Being kinder to ourselves therefore makes a better world! =)

  2. Kait, thank you for including this message. I am really needing to hear it right now. Juggling All The Things has become kind of a nightmare, and I’m coming to grips with needed changes (day job changes) so I can feel successful and happy. THANK YOU for sharing.

  3. Wow… and I was all set to beat myself up today for behind. Now I don’t have any excuses. Guess i’m gonna go put on some sweatpants and take a walk. Then I’m gonna take a super-hot shower. And then I’m gonna see if that changes my outlook on getting these here words out of my head and onto the paper. Thank you. For realz.

  4. Having “been there” all too recently (and too often), I am grateful for this, Kait. For the post itself, for this links… and for you and all of the ROW80, for the place it gives me to live and write.

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