Sometimes One Has To Be Patient by Alberta Ross

Sometimes one has to be patient.


I’m not that patient really. Would like everything at once but life rarely works like that.  We all of us here want to pen that masterpiece.  We struggle through employment, family commitments, ill health and just not enough hours in the day. The difficulty is too hang onto our dreams to believe that one day it will happen.  It will if we want it enough. But.


But but but.

It may take time and patience.


Long ago, when a child, I thought it would be neat to write a book.  I produced a hand drawn paper book of a few pages all about a rabbit – Master Rabbit to be sure. My parents kept it, proud of their child even if they weren’t proud of her spelling. We are talking about the late 1940s here. It spurred me to think one day I would write a proper book. Then I began to make a list of other things I was going to do.


I was a child of few ambitions, I didn’t want husband ,child or career, but the ones that I had were great in magnitude.


I wanted to travel the world(half the world was in  bombed ruins!)

I wanted to go to university( I was deemed too stupid to sit the children’s exams, and anyway girls didn’t really go to University)

I wanted to fly in a hot air balloon (not many about back then)

I wanted to go to Antarctica (no visitors allowed)

I wanted to write a book

I wanted to have my own little house(with wild garden and a couple of cats)


In the meantime I was at school dreaming my life away, deemed too stupid to bother with.


I grew up,began to look after children and began the travel; a decade + had gone since I first voiced this ambition.  I didn’t stop for years.


I managed to go on a course for hot air ballooning for my 40th birthday three + decades after I first voiced this one.


University, in a menopausal hiccup, in my late 40s was achieved and ‘stupid me’ got a BSc Hons and an MA. During this period I also got the chance to go to Antarctica, with the help of a legacy left my sister. Amazing


The house I managed after retirement,having it built just how I wanted it to be.  Nearly six decades after my childish dream.


The books followed a year or two later.



A long time to fulfill my ambitions, people say, but the time was never right, or the money was never there. Life and employment can grip one as tight as any chains. I never lost the dreams and grabbed opportunities when they came and, in the meantime, I lived life as it came, enjoyed myself, made friends, did some smaller interesting stuff. Collected memories and experiences and can say hand on heart I have had a good life.


The point is I achieved what I wanted eventually .Maybe not all at once, but with patience, and a fair amount of doggedness.


This last two years I have been struggling with heart failure which saps my energy and lays me low.  It quarrels furiously with my desire to write, sulks and sends me to bed if I try to finish  my WIP.  But I am defeating it.  I am slowly getting my own way.  I had to rethink my schedule a couple of times, accept the WIP wasn’t gong to be the speedier affairs of earlier books.  But I will finish it and I will write another. There may not be decades still in my life to wait, but I’m good for a few more years yet:)


If family or work is confining you, despair not.  Children grow(so quickly) money  hopefully becomes less of an issue (although it is more of one in my case!).  In the meantime you have accumulated memories, experiences and life  and love, all of which will feed into the writing and fling the words up high.


We must enjoy what we have, what we cannot change.  Hold on to our dreams of that masterpiece.  Be part of the world and garner every sensation we can while we wait for the dreams to come true.  ROW80 allows this.  Does not go for guilt or failure.  Smiles and tells us gently that all is well in this crazy closed world writers inhabit.


Alberta Ross



  1. What a gripping, powerful post. It seemed like you were speaking to me. And I get your message – loud and clear. I too put dreams on hold but now that I am retired I am writing and turning to those long ago dreams. Yes there are days of despair, but I keep plugging along. Thank you.

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