To Make Time by Cindy Scott

Ever feel like there is never enough time, Dear Readers?


I do.


Between a Day Job that is often busy everyday from April to September and a passion for community theatre, I usually have plenty on my plate at anytime. When you then consider that I have committed to becoming a writer, then my days fill up pretty fast, even more so. I have learned a little about balancing my time since starting A Round of Words in 80 Days. It sometimes feels like juggling, even though I cannot juggle (in real life). Oh, heck, I can’t even do a cartwheel. Okay, a little off track…


What I do know is that I love you write!


There are days when I can’t quite make it work. Some days I get so hard on myself about the goals that I didn’t accomplished. Someday I just don’t even want to try. True story, Dear Readers, I have come home and just not even bothered to write. You know what happens, usually while online I see my writer friends and readers offering up their own stories and advice about how they didn’t make their goals for the day, week, or the Round. Maybe they fell short, and you know what? There are still there writing and editing.


The world didn’t end.


Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. And I mean a lot!


And when we miss that writing goal, or cannot complete that editing project, we usually feel horrible. I know I do. I try so hard to make these goals happen that I get worked up when I don’t. I have been doing ROW80 for over 2 years now, and I have an amazing mentor and writer friends who all inspires me.


Failure is not an end, but simply a course correction.


I find what is not working and I make it better.


I remember that I am a human (with the soul of a dragon of course). I cannot do it all, even if I think I can. I think about how I CAN make it work:


First, I set smaller goals and after a while I build them up; write for 5 minutes a day, write 100 words, 300 words, or 30 minutes a day. I challenge myself; writing for NaNoWriMo, OctPoWriMo, WIPpet Wednesday. I scale back if I am getting overwhelmed or running short on time/sleep. And this is the big one, I find time that I am NOT doing something else and use it wisely. This means sometimes I am reading in the early morning before work (maybe before bed). I set a time every day to write or edit. But that doesn’t mean I forgo my friends and family, either. I give myself one unplugged day, a day to rest my “little grey cells” (think Hercule Poirot) and recharge.


Granted there are times when rehearsals that run late, when I can’t make my check-in, or maybe the muse decided to go on vacation. I have friends that juggle not only a day job, sometimes two, but also a family, kids, pets, and a writing career. It isn’t always easy, but somewhere in there we all find it, we make time to write, edit the next novel, meet with CPs and WPs. Always I see amongst the ROW80-ers that books are written, art is being made, and passions are ignited.


It’s what we do, whether teaching a class, homeschooling kids, stage managing a show, gardening, crochet hats and blankets. We do it because we love it. We make the time.


Any advice I can give to any of you, Dear Readers is this: don’t be scared. Know that it is okay if you don’t reach a goal, after all tomorrow is another day. Life happens and in that you might have to re-evaluate those goals. Ask questions. Challenge yourself. Re-schedule. Unplug every once and while. And, most importantly, Never EVER sacrifice what is most important to you.


If you want it, it will happen.


Cindy Scott

One thought on “To Make Time by Cindy Scott

  1. Thank you, Cindy, for writing about the reality behind setting those ROW80 goals and reminding me that every time I do “recalibrate” my goals, I’m making progress! It’s a good week to be thankful . . . for ROW80, for all else, and for the gift of writing.

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