2 thoughts on “Bravery Not Perfection (And State Round 2 Goals) by Kait Nolan

  1. My daughter is braver than her older brother in many ways. She’s also more outdoorsy, more athletic, more interested in guns, wildlife, and home and car maintenance and repair. He’s more into tech, in general, but she’s no slouch at gaming or filming her LPS movies. She does have a fashionable, playacting,frilly side, which I really don’t. I tend to call her the “daredevil diva”.

    This post was so well timed for me. After decades of writing Star Trek fan fiction and hiding it away in shame, then posting it a bit furtively on my blog, I’ve now got two pieces up at fanfiction.net, another just about ready to go up, and plans for 23 more this month! So far, the only not great feedback led me to do some helpful research, and to defend the premise of one story, which got more ideas flowing – so even that was a win.

    Looking forward to being brave with you this round and beyond, Kait. =D

  2. I agree… and I don’t. I am one of those who is rewriting the “same” book. Thing is, I’m not too.

    I’m writing the same world(s) at different points in history, and yes, sometimes in writing the prehistory of one tale, it’s easy to realize that something that seemed so obvious in the original story just doesn’t make sense when examined closer (which is to say… I totally agree on how Lucas screwed up Star Wars, because lots of things could have explained the world he had, and somehow he chose the most inane possibility in each case).

    But being brave? Yes. There has to be a point for that too. And an admission that nothing will ever be perfect. But I need more words down before I can even worry about almost-perfection. So here’s to ROWing and getting those words down AS a story.

    War and Peace didn’t write itself. 😉

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