Round 2 8th Wednesday Check-in

Art is everywhere

We all know that being creative is challenging… especially when it involves trying to make a living on that creativity. But there are good things about being writers and creators to be found in so many places. I took this photo tonight across the state-mandated ‘wet land’ the developers had to provide for drainage between our local Walmart and Lowes stores. It’s a bit of an environmental wreck, filled with litter, but… somehow in this waning sunlight, it was beautiful.

Our stories are like that too. Sometimes we get caught on the flaws and miss the magic of the words we’ve written until just the right light shines through. Then suddenly, we know we’ve got something good. It may need some work… but we’ve got this.

When was the moment you first realized you had something? Tell us about it… and let us know how you’re doing on those goals. Just follow the little blue froggie to the linky:

4 thoughts on “Round 2 8th Wednesday Check-in

  1. That is a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it. For me, my stories start out with a beautiful line or turn of phrase, and then they quickly turn into a mess, and then I spend a few drafts sorting them out. It’s part of the process, and while it’s frustrating, man, is it worth it. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    1. I think messes are a part of life… they draw our attention (sometimes too much) and say “you’ve got something here that deserves better; make it so!”

      (Sorry… couldn’t resist that little Star Trek-ism)

  2. I’m pretty good at flash fiction – at least, members of my last writing club thought so. But any time I try to extend the pieces into a full story, I never know how to begin. If I just try jumping into a full-length story from scratch, I can start off okay, but then I have too many ideas about where-to-go-from-here, and I have trouble deciding, lol. The stories always morph too fast for me to keep up, and I ditch them.

    1. I’ve never been one to consolidate a short piece into anything cohesive, so I definitely envy your ability to pull order into a small space. But then… different techniques, different voices… it’s good to know our strengths. Thanks for sharing!

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