Round 2 9th Wednesday Check-in


I don’t know if I’ve participated in a Round of Words that has rushed by quite so fast for me.  True, nearly three weeks traveling ‘across The Pond’ probably didn’t help my sense of time flying out of control…  Even taking that into account, this Round—heck, this year—seem to be in a hurry to be done.

And I feel like I’ve only just started!  😉

Nevertheless, we have only two more weeks before the end of Round 2.  How’ve you been doing on those goals you set way, way back at the beginning of April?  Progress?  Con…  I mean regressing?  Skating along smoothly?  Chugging along fitfully like The Little Engine That Could (like me!)?

No matter where you are…  let us know at the linky:

PS: If you’re looking for some other writing-related, social media fun, here’s a Google Docs list of writing-themed events you can participate in daily. I you can think of more, let us know. (credit for the list: Mica Scotti Kole)

7 thoughts on “Round 2 9th Wednesday Check-in

    1. Yeah… something IS a bit odd with the counter. We had this same problem last Round too, remember. I know I set the counter for 80 days and have been counting the linkies (I have eight of them to juggle, nine with the goals) very carefully. Best thing I can figure Kait set it up to include the “break week”.

      Still… the end is nigh. Time for more crazy-making in other areas. 😀

      1. I have two things to say to that….

        #1: Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

        #2: The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is….not fair.

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