1st Sunday Check-in Round 3

Really… but you’ve got to ‘do’, not just ‘try’

We’re now into it, ROWers. And that’s a good thing (really!), because now is a perfect time to consider our goals and our progress for the rest of the round.

It’s also a good time to think about how we made our goals.  We all know about making our goals S.M.A.R.T., but sometimes even that isn’t enough.  Life gets crazy on us.  It’s like water in some ways, always able to find those empty spaces where we thought we could catch a breather….  Does this mean we should have to schedule every moment we want some freedom to write, or even to relax?


But we should schedule some.  That way, even when Life gets a little punchy, there are moments set aside solely for ourselves and for our craft…  for the job we’ve chosen (or, if you’re like most people I know who write, the job that chose us).  Because it matters, and because we matter.  It’s how we ‘work’.

And speaking of how we work…  how are things working for you?  Tell all at the linky:


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