5 thoughts on “Round 3 2nd Wednesday Check-in

  1. Eden, I think this is great idea. It’s always good to know what resources others find helpful. Also, we have some multi-talented folk here in RoW80, and I would be happy to give them my business. If I think of anything else, I’ll be happy to send you a suggestion.

    1. Well, since your niece has done such a lovely job on your blog, perhaps, if she’s interested, you could add her to our recommendations list?

  2. This does sound like a great idea. I feel bad that I have been such a slacker, only reading a few other bloggers’ posts each week and only occasionally offering support or posting comments. I wish I could volunteer to help with any of these changes, but just can’t right now. I will continue to follow along though, and maybe some day, I can be of some use.

    1. No need to volunteer for anything, Chris. Just toss the random useful bit out when you think of it, that’s all. But thank you for your kind offer.

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