Round 3 Sunday Check-in 3

Hi, and welcome to a bit of a retro-ROW Sunday.

If y’all will come with me as I meander throw some of the delight archives of inspirational posts we have here at the Round of Words in 80 Days, savor with me as well, these lovely pieces of advice…

First, from Belinda Kroll in her lovely piece Live the Life You Imagined:
A Round of Words in 80 Days is meant to remind us writers that we have lives outside of writing. Not only that, but the life outside of writing is often what inspires us to write in the first place! My inspirational post will be short today because I want to practice what I preach. I want to get out there and live.

The image of a writer (and the wardrobe, given the sheer number of hats we have to wear) has gone through several shifts in the past decade.  The good thing about this…  we get to set what that image will be for ourselves.  The bad news is, of course, we get to set what that image will be for ourselves.   Since it’s the same cup, half-empty or half-full, why not focus on the positive.  Claim your status as a writer and how you want the world to see you.

Make that who you are.

Secondly, Alice McElwee reminds us of the most important part of being a writer in her post It’s Not About Quality OR Quantity:

Ignore the word count. Ignore the grammar. JUST WRITE.

It doesn’t matter if you write 50 words and they are all misspelled, as long as you write. And while you’re writing, write every day. Five minutes, twenty minutes or an hour – doesn’t matter how long, how much or how bad – just write.

Writing is the only way our stories will get finished. Worrying about our word counts and grammatical problems isn’t going to finish our story. Click-clacking at our keyboards, however…

Writers write.  It’s a phrase we toss about in the ROW80 so often it’s become almost a joke, but it’s what we do.  And if that isn’t you yet… make that who you are too.

Lastly, it’s check-in time once more.  How’s that writing (and all those other things that make your writing life the wonder that it is) going for you?  Let us know at the linky:


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