Round 3 Sunday Check-in 4

Lately, as I’ve plotted and planning some changes to the ROW80 site, I’ve been looking over our large archive of inspirational posts.  A common thread or two has shown up—the need to “just write” even when the words don’t seem to want to come out right (or sometimes at all).  And of course, the “how do we find ideas”, but that’s a topic for another post.

The thing is, we do tend to cripple ourselves from the first with ideas of how we should be instead of how we plan to be.  This may seem like I’m splitting hairs here, but it’s pretty simple really.  If we feel we ‘should’ be able to write great stories, then that crappy first draft will be a heartbreaking experience.  But if we plan to write great stories, we can set goals to get us there, step by step..

And of course, this works for so many things we do, not just writing.

As for the quote…  think of it combined with this one:

I could, of course, add a hundred others, all threading together.  The point is… write, made wonderful-terrible words, then write some more.  And somewhere in there, those great stories will happen.  For you, for someone you care about…  perhaps even for a complete stranger.

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2 thoughts on “Round 3 Sunday Check-in 4

  1. I like a slightly different view, from Sandra Dodd: “If your child is more important than your vision of your child, it helps” (paraphrased).

    It’s meant to help unschoolers parent more peacefully, but it works for writing too, at least for me. There are times to plan – but the magic and wonder and truth of writing, for me, is in the places that no plan can ever touch. It’s from my deepest places – oddly, the ones that go far deeper than words can touch.

    Later, I can look at the writing with a plan. But in the moment of doing, it’s got to be me and the story….or, even better, the story, with me somewhere in the background, if that makes sense.

    1. That does make sense… (actually, I just read a similar statement in an introduction to a writing book I bought by Anne Perry). Th e wonderful thing is the amount of nuance and possibility out there that a few words can become, as filtered through ourselves.

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