Round 3 Wednesday Check-in

Hey all, nothing much to say (I know!  What a horrid thing to say on a writing challenge, but…  well, that’s how life is sometimes), but hope you’re all safe and…  mostly dry.  Thinking of all of you in Texas!

For all of you who have internet and news to share, let us know at the linky:

3 thoughts on “Round 3 Wednesday Check-in

  1. I know I’m a little late at this. I started writing my 80 last week, kind of jumped in half-way through, but I’ve been pretty consistent on getting my blog posts out and up on my blog.

    If you’re interested in fantasy, and enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and stuff like that, I’ve been developing the backstory of my character through narrative.

    Link’s here:

    I’m trying to pop out one short story every day.

    1. Glad you joined us, Justin. Welcome to the ROW80. As you can probably guess, coming in late is no problem when you’re ROWing. (Actually, I’m of the belief that it helps to jump right in as opposed to waiting until the new round starts, because you get a bit of a trial period where you can discover your strengths and weaknesses.)

      We have a few fantasy writers in the group, yours truly included, so it’ll be interesting to see what you’ve written.

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