Round 1 1st Wednesday Check-in

As always, the first check-in of a round can feel a bit… well, pointless might be a good word.  It’s not as if we’ve had time to make serious strides on our goals, nor have we had a chance to see what is working or what isn’t yet… not really.

Thing is, it is important to take stock regularly.  Everyday can be perfect for some people.  Others manage just fine with a once-a-week or monthly schedule.  It’s the consistency that matters.  And…  it also helps to not wait too long before the first review.  The sooner the first chance you take to check in on yourself, the sooner you can see if things are working or not.

The sooner you can figure out if the path you’re on will get you where you are trying to go, or if you’ll have to backtrack a mile or more to find the right exit on the expressway.

Not that missing a turn is always a bad thing either.  Sometimes there are new and fascinating discoveries to be made.

Even then, it helps to know where you were intending to go and how far afield you might be.

So here it is, the first check-in and first linky of a new year.  May you be exactly where you want to be, whether you’re right on target or meandering peacefully for a moment or two.

Oh, and here is a lovely advice/opinion piece a fellow writer from the Facebook iWriteNetwork group posted with an eye to the journey and what it means to be a writer…    Roxanne Gay: Advice to Aspiring Dreamers

6 thoughts on “Round 1 1st Wednesday Check-in

  1. Hello Eden and all the ROWERS, I just wanted to check in and say a very happy new year to you all. I am slowly getting over social media burnout, but I have decided not to re-enter the Indie Publishing world. I am glad I took that road in my life, but am on another path now and I am now writing purely for pleasure and don’t feel a need to get back into all the work and stress that burnt me out.

    I hope you all thrive this year and I wish you the very best of luck and happiness.
    Cate (formerly CommuniCATE blog for writers and Octopus Ink)

    1. Sorry to hear about the burn out but so very glad to hear from you, Cate. I wondered what you’d been doing!

      Thanks for “checking in” with us. We’re always happy to hear from you. ❤

  2. Off to a rough start – trying to start an AM writing habit but haven’t managed to shift my sleeping pattern yet.

    1. Rough edges will smooth eventually. You’retaking the steps to move forward. Even baby steps matter… have you seen how fast they go once babies find their stride? Don’t get too down about a few early setbacks.

  3. Had to laugh at your first line: that the first check-in can feel pointless. I’m feeling behind already, though it’s only been a couple days since Round 1 started. That the first check-in comes so early, though, is a bit of a blessing. It reminded me how much I care about what I’m working on. Very grateful that you’re not going to let me forget!

    I loved Roxanne’s advice column. Thank you for sharing!

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