Round 1 Week 2 Wednesday Check-in

Yeesh!   Look at that.  I wish I knew a better format for these check-in blog titles.  They’re so very long…  and to be honest, a bit dull.  They do get right to the point though.

Any suggestions from you all?  I’d love a few.

I’d love a few suggestions in other places too.  What sort of things would you like from the ROW80 (things you’d prefer more or less of, things you’ve seen elsewhere, things you’d like us to try or things we should stop doing)?

One of these days I’ll figure out a good shorthand for these post titles…  until then, here’s your newest linky.  Post any progress, setbacks or concern regarding your goals (or writing in general…  we’re not only here to help, but we love talking wordcraft) here (linky or comments), in our Facebook group, or all three:


2 thoughts on “Round 1 Week 2 Wednesday Check-in

  1. This is my first time doing ROW80 so I don’t have any ideas for improvement, but I’ll try to brainstorm some as this round goes on!

    I do think a shorthand would be worthwhile. Even something like 1:10, for Round 1 Day 10? And I like when you include a link to something inspiration or a funny picture.

    Thank you for everything you do!

    1. Thanks for the input, Michelle. I confess, I’m running a bit spare on the cute images because of brain drain. But I’ll do my best. Hopefully one of the sponsors can give me something to work in….

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