Round 1 Week 3 Sunday


are you reading?

One of the things that helps inspire writing is reading other people’s creative efforts.  Some of us post our reading lists in our check-ins, some maintain hefty Goodreads stacks…  some are on a first-name basis with several librarians (some of those who have your email and/or phone number memorized ⌈looks askance⌉).

Why not share some of your favorite reads (yeah, books on craft would definitely be welcome too) in your check-in today?  We’d love to hear from you  here in the comments, at our FB page, or at the linky below (or all three if you’d like):


5 thoughts on “Round 1 Week 3 Sunday

  1. It’s hard for me to come up with favorite books that don’t sound incredibly nerdy. The nice thing about writing historical romance and fiction is that I get to read some great books for research, but primary and secondary sources. Right now, I’m rereading some 14th century sources on women, which is fascinating stuff.
    As for craft, l have to go with the various thesauri by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. The Emotional Wounds Thesaurus is incredibly helpful.

    1. Ummm.. what is wrong with sounding nerdy? The Boodle told me that once he’d done learning Latin, he’s going to read the original Metamorphoses. (We’ll see how long the enthusiasm holds, but until then…)

      1. Every so often, I’m haunted by high school memories, and I feel odd about being nerdy. I must have been in the throes when I wrote that! I need to remember it is okay to be nerdy, 🙂

        In serendipity, I am deep in the Metamorphoses and its 14th century French allegorical rendition this week. The Boodle may change his mind, but it’s also possible that he will continue to be enthralled by Latin literature.

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