Round 1 Week 4 Wednesday

credit: Zajcsik at Pixabay

A while back I talked with our sponsors (you may have seen them visiting your blog, but if not, check them out here) about some things we could do to make the ROW80 experience a bit more fun for you all.  Flash fiction, stream of consciousness, raffles…  We discussed a few options, and as two of our sponsors (Mike and Beth) enjoy writing flash fiction, we’ve tried to best figure out how to start doing this.

Well, I figure we’ll make a few mistakes before we get this sort of thing off the ground, but we won’t get anything done if we don’t start, so…  here you go, a prompt (photo above) and the words: a burnt metal box

The rules?  I’m kind of winging it here, but it seems unfair to make this another “job” for you all.  This is the “Challenge that Knows You Have a Life”.  So let’s try this:

  • Flash and postcard fiction (drabbles work too), no more than 700 words
  • Story needs to include both photo and word prompt
  • Post stories on your own blog/website (post links in the comments or at the linky)
  • We’ll try doing this once a month or more if it ends up being popular

As always this also a Wednesday check-in.  Post progress (and links to stories) in the comments, at the linky (the froggie below) or in our FB group:


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