Round 1 Week 6 Sunday

Not a lot to say today… time for words, words, and more words.

But before I do, let me offer a bit of a shout out to another awesome online group dedicated to the Writing Life: the IWSG, better known as the Insecure Writers Support Group.  Like the ROW80, the IWSG is an online community dedicated to helping people stay the course as they navigate the rocky shores and turbulent waters of being a writer.  They don’t work on a goal-based system, and they don’t do check-ins, but once a month, they get together and share personal stories and experiences.  Several ROWers work have been or are members.  Each community offers different things, and they both (as well as many other online groups) complement each other well.

For more information, look here: IWSG

For today’s check-in linky, go to the froggie, add a comment, or tag our FB group.

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