Round 1 Week 9 Wednesday


Can you believe that we’re already into Week 9 of our first Round of Words for 2018?  I’m having some trouble picturing it myself…  this year seems to be flying by.

Not saying this is a bad thing…  busy happens.  It’s why we set goals and take stock of our progress with our twice-a-week check-ins here in the ROW80.  It’s also why we visit and support each other along our own writing and creative journeys.  Sharing the journey (as writer and visitor) encourages us to pause and take time to reflect on how we are changing and growing throughout the round.

Check-ins offer a way to connect…  not just with our fellow ROWers, but with ourselves.

So what’s going to happen when The End arrives?  Well, we start another journey of course.  Same as writing and reading…

For now though, it’s time to share our progress.  As always, you can leave a link to your post here in the comments, at the linky, or even on our Facebook page.

A last note… I don’t exactly have a prompt for you this week (that’s something for next Wednesday), but I did want to ask if any of you creative folks wanted to share in a personal project of mine I’m trying to get started: a little once-a-month bloghop I call the First Friday Photo.  The posts will go live this Friday (and the first Friday of each month)…  All original images are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Round 1 Week 9 Wednesday

  1. For those looking for a prompt for a Flash Fiction story, could I suggest that you pick a photo at random from the selection and see what happens? Nothing fancy, draft versions are fine, maybe explore some characters you’ve been thinking of.

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