Round 1 Week 10 Sunday

Hopefully this isn’t any of us….

As we come closer and closer to the end of this round of words, it’s easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed, and maybe a little frustrated (hope not!) with one’s progress.  Never fear…  there is another round soon.  You’ve got nearly unlimited chances to learn and adjust… and improve.

But that only works if you do.  That means you need to take stock of what you’ve achieved (and perhaps what you wished to but didn’t), and you need to spend some time trying to figure out how to do better.  Then you need to adjust your behavior or attitude or whatever you feel is holding you up…  maybe you need to buy more of your favorite pens…  whatever it is—and you need to make a point of doing it. And you need to keep doing that for a while, until it becomes a habit.

Who knows…  maybe you’ll even find yourself finishing those half-finished stories from the bottom desk drawer.  😉

Until then…  it’s check-in time.  As always, you have your choice of check-in styles: here – in the comments or at the linky, on our FB page, or some combination of any or all of the above:


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