Round 2 Sunday 1

It’s time for that oh so very unsettling second check-in of the round, the one where the rush of new beginnings have wore slightly and progress hints at lagging….  enthusiasm can go a long way here, but it can also lead us to make some risky choices.

It’s easy to say “I’ll do better next time” and try to plow through, even to the point of trying to catch up on any missed goals at this point.  Thing is…  if you are lagging, it might be wise to pause instead of pursue and take a moment to consider why you might not be hitting the mark.

It could simply be a blip, a freak bad day or something like it that can be made up easily.  Or it could be a sign that you set goals too high.  Maybe you set goals that don’t fit the project you need to be working on…  whatever the reason, you’ll save time and your sanity, if you figure out what happened and work from there instead of pressing forward through a potential mire.

Bad days happen, projects get stalled…  Life happens.  We’re here no matter what, ROWing on toward our dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Round 2 Sunday 1

  1. Off to a good start. Only wrote two weekdays, but supplemented with two weekend writing hours to produce a total of 2119 words. (Word count goal was 2500.) I’m satisfied with this as close enough and energized to keep going. 🙂

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