Oops! ROW2 Sunday 2

Mea Culpa

Oh my!  Time has just been flying, and I have been doing the cray-cray dance for most  of it.  Sorry to drag you all in during one of its many refrains today by not having the check-in posted on time.  The ROW80 is supposed to be about balancing life: dreams and career…  and the general mundane day-to-day.  Thing is that sometimes a great, big monkey-wrench gets thrown into the gears and some things that were chugging away well enough need to be completely rebuilt.

That’s where we are at (and I’d be lying it I said things had been chugging away well enough before this, so…) at my house.  Not that you all should have to worry about the chaos that is Chez Mabee, but just wanted to let you know, I hadn’t forgotten you…  I just got sidetracked for a few hours.

Still, back now and with your weekly Sunday check-in.  You know what to do: here, the linky, the FB page.  Make it happen, Cap’n. 😉


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