Round 2 Week 7 Wednesday

Spring Peeper cred: (below linky)

Let’s talk.

Well, let’s write. After all, communicating things to others is our goal as writers, much as it is for the sweet chorus of peepers outside my window this evening.  Though maybe we have other things we want to say than the little amphibians do…  ( or maybe not)

Thing is, every species on this planet has found ways to connect with others of their kind, to share interests, warn of danger or make …  suggestions.

As ways to communicate go, writing is pretty cool.  Maybe not quite as magical as a moonlit backyard full of chorus frogs, but…  it’ll do.

Here’s the linky… one of our many ways to communicate with your fellow ROWers:

(photo cred: USGS – United States Geological Survey, Public Domain,

2 thoughts on “Round 2 Week 7 Wednesday

  1. The idea of writing as communication really struck me, since I was wading knee-deep through the bibliography this morning, full of articles written by people communicating about a period of time where the only method of long-range communication was pen and parchment.

    It made me think about what I want to communicate to that small academic group, and then to think further about what I want to say through the fiction I’m writing, I sometimes get lost in the process and forget the product, so this post was a good reminder.

    We have some antiphonal frogs in the next door neighbor’s yard. The first week in the house, almost two years ago, they startled me, but now I like to hear them.

    1. It can be hard to imagine the “other” at the end of story… Maybe that’s why so many stories of a certain generation started with “Dear Reader”. But… who is this reader? And what do we have to say to them?

      It definitely bears consideration.

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