Round 2 Week 11 Sunday

With five more days to go of Round 2, this seems a perfect opportunity for us all to look ahead toward the upcoming Round 3.  And to look behind as well… We started Round 2 off with a bang, with great plans for what we were going to achieve (see them here). Some of us got a bit side-tracked, but we’ve all kept plugging away, doing the best that we can as we ROWed along, writing words, editing, rewriting, sharing, marketing, then writing and more all over again.

In a bit over a week from now (one day later, to be exact), I’ll be posting the new Goals Post linky for Round 3.  Take this time then to look over what you’ve done and consider what you want to do.

You’ve got it in you to do better than before.

Here is today’s linky. You know the drill:


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