Round 2 End of Round Post

Here it is, folks! The moment you have been waiting for…

…well, sort of. Officially, our Round of Words ends tomorrow.  But… since we’re creatures of habit here at the ROW80 (favorite pens, favorite coffee shops, favorite songs…), I figured let’s keep to our Sunday/Wednesday check-in schedule and post the E-o-R today.

You can check-in on Thursday if you’d like.  🙂

For those who are fairly new to the ROW80 and want to know what happens next…  here’s the plan.

  • a ten day “pause” from checking in
  • you post you goals for the upcoming round of words (Goals Posts go live on Mondays mid-break)
  • check-in mid-break if you’d like….  comments will be open for check-ins as will be the FB page (huge thanks to Shan for maintaining that)
  • Round 3 will start on Monday, July 2

That’s all there is to it.

Sounds fun?  Time to start plotting those goals then.

And time to check in…

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